Is Your Dog Almost Perfect?
Do You Want to Build a Better Relationship?

We Can Resolve Many Challenging Situations – Please Contact Us!

• Are you embarrassed by the smell of your carpet? •
• Would you like to go for a walk, not a drag? •
• Want to stop the drive by nippings or teach your pup to drop it, don’t eat it? •
• Do you have a stack of “Lost Dog” posters because your dog bolts away? •
• Is socializing with your dog extremely exhausting? •
 • Do you ever wonder if your dog is anxious, aggressive, or too fearful? •


Side Kick Dog Training can teach you how to teach your dog how to be the perfect partner

Misti Fry M.S. C.P.D.T. Call  417-425-5944  Email

Carrie Galvan C.P.D.T. Call 417-207-3215  Email


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